Posted by Administrator on August 14, 2010

Early Friday morning, a woman died and one man was severely injured in a single car accident.   The car wreck occurred about 5:15 A.M. in Baldwin County, Alabama.  According to Lt. Bill Cowan, the driver of the car lost control and the car flipped.  The car hit a tree, turned over and burst into flames.

Authorities did not disclose who was the driver and who was the passenger at the time of the wreck.  The female occupant was pronounced dead at the scene and the male occupant survived, but he suffered burns over 80% of his body.


Micah Adkins represents car accident victims.  Single car accidents can be the result of intoxicated drivers.  The Alabama Dram Shop Act holds bars and restaurants accountable for serving alcohol to intoxicated persons.

Dram Shop law provides a private cause of action to every wife, child, parent, or other person who is injured in person or property by any intoxicated person.  Further, the plaintiff may file a lawsuit against the intoxicated person, or the person that furnished the alcohol, or both.  Ala. Code Section 6-5-71.  However, the Alabama Dram Shop Act does not provide for recovery for the intoxicated person who is injured because of his own intoxication.  See Maples v. Chinese Palace, Inc., 389 So.2d 120 (Ala. 1980).

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck as the result of an intoxicated driver, then you may be entitled to money damages under the Alabama Dram Shop Act.  Contact attorney Micah Adkins for a free and confidential legal consultation.

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